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Show-Me Baby 4D/HD Ultrasound

How early can you verify my Baby's gender?

We start gender verification at 14 weeks gestation, 100% guaranteed!

How should I prepare for my gender ultrasound?

Please come to your appointment with a full bladder if you are between 6-12 weeks. We also believe in order to have the best ultrasound pictures, you will want to drink plenty of water especially 48 hours before the ultrasound. It also helps to sometimes drink some juice or have a snack 30 minutes before your appointment to get your baby awake and moving for their big reveal!

What is the difference between
2D/3D/4D/Ultra HD Ultrasounds?

A 2D Ultrasound is the most basic type of imaging that we offer. The images from a 2D Ultrasound will be in black and white. Depending on the position of your baby we will be able to get different images and angles of your little one. This is the most common type of ultrasound used to verify gender. 

A 3D Ultrasound takes thousands of pictures of the baby simultaneously. These are then translated by computer into 3 Dimensional images which are almost as clear as a typical photo!

A 4D Ultrasound is a 4 Dimensional scan built on the technology of 3D scanning. The added Dimension is time. You will get to experience watching your baby move in real time. It's a great way to bond with your baby as you watch them kick, move and smile in real time during your session!

Ultra HD Ultrasound Technology uses a unique and moveable light source that not only provides both 3D and 4D imaging, but lights up the baby, making it possible for you to see the facial expressions (and personality!) of your sweet love. The main difference between 4D and Ultra HD is the light source that is moved to make it possible to see more of your little one.

When is the best time to schedule my
4D/Ultra HD Ultrasound?

It is completely up to you! There is never a bad time to see your Baby.
Between 24-26 weeks is typically considered "Good Viewing" 
Between 27-34 weeks is typically considered "Great Viewing"
After 36 weeks it is typically considered "Unpredictable Viewing" due to Baby's size and position.

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